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What are some good restaurants?  Where should I shop for my groceries? Where do I take the kids to entertain them? Any auto repair shops near me?  If so, which is the most reliable?  These are some of the questions people ask when moving to a new area.  You may ask a new neighbor, your Realtor, or the Google. The internet is full of useful information, but which information is the most reliable?  Online reviews are helpful, but who is writing them? So many questions, and many more once you begin the online research process.  Once you have identified a few local automotive repair shops you should be prepared with questions to identify the perfect shop for your specific make and model.

No one enjoys having to go in for automotive maintenance, service or repair.  According to a July 2011 Consumer Reports article, motor vehicle owners utilizing independent repair shops are more satisfied and pay less than those who patron service departments at dealerships. So, if you are looking to answer the question are there “any auto repair shops near me?”, consider utilizing consumer reports to help you with the research process.

Now that I have located auto repair shops near me, how do I know which is best for me and my vehicle?

5 Questions to Ask:

1. Do you service my specific make and model vehicle?

Most repair shops work on domestic cars from Ford, GM, Jeep or Dodge as well as imports such as Toyota and Honda. German-made cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen require specific diagnostic tools and experience.  A specialty shop such as J&T Automotive works on all domestic, foreign, and import automobiles. Do not waste your time on auto repair shops that do not service your particular make or model.  So, even if the service center falls under the “auto repair shop near me” criteria, it does not make sense to trust them with your car care if they are not familiar with your specific make.

The car care experts at J&T Automotive are EXPERTS in all foreign makes and models, we have the tools and experience to repair both foreign and domestic models.  So if you live in Houston or the 77055 zip code, then you can finally say “YES” to the question “any good auto repair shops near me?”.

2. Is your facility AAA approved?

Established in 1975, the AAA Approved Auto Repair program addresses unsatisfactory automobile repairs, one of the most common consumer issues.  This program refers AAA members and non-members to repair facilities which meet and maintain exemplary professional standards.  As of this article there are about 8,000 AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities across the country. Automotive shops near me are rarely members of the program, if you find one you should make sure that you confirm their membership is legitimate by visiting the Texas AAA website at

AAA Service Specialists execute rigorous inspections of each repair facility at regular intervals.  All AAA Service Specialists hold Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications, as well as extensive backgrounds in automotive maintenance to address the following:

  • Facility are inspected for up-to-date equipment and cleanliness
  • Satisfactory technical training and proper technician certifications are verified
  • Service Satisfaction Survey of repair shop customers to acquire opinions on how well the shop meets their automotive repair, maintenance, and service demands
  • Insurance and financial background checks

A repair shop must be approved by a committee of AAA club officials in order to become a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility.  J&T Automotive is a proud member of the AAA Approved Auto Repair program.  If you live in Houston or the 77055 zip code, then you are correctly answering “YES” to the question “are there any auto repair shops near me?”.

3. Does your shop provide written estimates?

In order to avert financial surprises it is imperative, especially if your are familiarizing yourself with a new shop, to get a written estimate of all repairs to be performed. Some states, such as California, require shops by law to provide written estimates. The shop’s service adviser should notify you via telephone or in person of any additional work which would exceed the written estimate. After positive experiences with the same repair shop, verbal estimates would be more than sufficient prior to any work being performed on your vehicle.

4. Do you provide a warranty on your parts and labor?

Warranties will be different with each independent repair shop, so be sure to ask prior to having any work performed. 12-month with 12,000 miles is typical for a repair shop warranty, but be sure to ask to confirm. Do not waste any of your time on shops that only provide 90 day warranties.

5. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

According to the BBB, auto repair shops rank 12th on their list of common complaints. If a shop has had a consistent amount of outstanding claims, it is a definite sign that they are not a reputable shop. For information on which local shops you should avoid please visit

J&T Automotive is proud to be an A+ rated Houston repair shop with the Better Business Bureau.

One final note: Some situations call for going to the dealership instead of independent shops. If a needed repair is still under the original warranty, by all means take advantage of the free fix.

Once your original warranty has expired, bring your ride to J&T Automotive and experience the benefits of a highly-rated independent auto repair shop in Houston, Texas. We are family-owned and operated with ties to the community since 1979.

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