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The gearbox is one of the most critical components in ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, its functioning might be hampered without adequate maintenance, resulting in apparent changes in the quality of your ride. Fierce grinding sounds, gear slippage, difficulty shifting, and other major driving disruptions are common symptoms of transmission difficulties.

We at J&T Automotive assist our clients in being more aware of transmission health. Our ASE-certified experts can do a comprehensive transmission fluid cleanse to ensure that your transmission runs safely and effectively in the future. If you believe it is time for you to service your transmission, our knowledgeable and pleasant staff is here to help.

Transmissions: An Overview

What is the definition of a transmission? It’s a complex system of gears and sensors that connects your engine and your wheels. The gearbox ensures that the engine’s energy is transferred smoothly to the tires, giving the driver greater and safer control.

However, this process produces a lot of heat. Transmission fluid prevents your transmission from overheating and being damaged. However, it loses efficiency once the fluid begins working, making your transmission more susceptible to heat damage.

What Can We Do?

Keeping your transmission fluid fresh is the most significant way to avoid expensive transmission issues. We can remove your old transmission fluid, clean your transmission system, and replace it with fresh, high-quality fluid at J&T Automotive. We employ cutting-edge equipment to track this procedure, and we can even see the old, filthy transmission fluid that drained from your automobile.

Transmission Repair Frequently Asked Questions

The gearbox assists you in shifting gears as you drive. Automatic transmissions are used in the majority of automobiles on the road today. If your transmission isn’t working correctly, you won’t be able to travel anyplace quickly. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions concerning automatic gearboxes.

1. What Factors Influence Transmission Repair Costs?

A variety of variables determines transmission repair prices. Of course, the car you drive is the most crucial aspect. The cost of components and labor is determined by the car’s year, make, and model. Another consideration is the degree of transmission damage. You can expect it to last at least 100,000 miles by maintaining your gearbox regularly.

2. What is Included in an Automatic Transmission Service?

First, we drain old fluid from the pan during an automatic transmission service. Once we have removed the pan, a new transmission filter and pan gasket are attached. Finally, we refill the vehicle with fresh automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

3. What’s the Difference Between a Flush and a Transmission Fluid Change?

Only the fluid in the pan is emptied and replaced with fresh ATF during a transmission fluid and filter replacement. This treatment typically replaces four to five quarts of fluid, while a complete transmission fluid flush replaces nine to thirteen quarts. Because the thorough flush empties the whole system, the quantities vary.

Ways to Make Your Transmission Last Longer

If you don’t maintain it, your transmission might fail in as little as 50,000 miles. On the other hand, regular care and maintenance may significantly extend the life of your transmission and help you keep repair expenditures to a low. J&T Automotive’s staff is happy to discuss these two simple strategies to maintain your gearbox.

Continual Service

Every 50,000 miles, our transmission specialists suggest having an automatic transmission fluid replacement. Factory suggested servicing is usually a little higher, but it doesn’t consider the rigorous driving and weather conditions that drivers endure regularly. So our J&T Automotive facility conducts a thorough fluid cleanse after you’ve reached 50,000 miles.

Select the Proper Transmission Fluid

Although it may seem self-evident, many individuals are unaware that using the automatic transmission fluid suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer is essential. This is because various fluids include different compounds designed to work with certain transmissions. Therefore, only the appropriate kind will guarantee that your gearbox is in good working order. In addition, if your original transmission has been replaced, you should use the proper fluid for that specific transmission.

Aside from using the proper fluid and maintaining your gearbox regularly, there are a few driving practices that might benefit your transmission.

When your automobile is going, don’t shift. If you do, you’ll almost certainly hear a grinding noise.
Don’t slam on the brakes. Continuously pushing the brake pedal while driving makes your gearbox work significantly more complex.
Allow time for your engine to warm up. Allow your car to run for a few minutes before putting it in gear if the temperature drops in the winter. This allows the transmission fluid to warm up and lubricate the working components.

Are you interested in learning more about our transmission services? Then, please get in touch with one of our experienced service advisors right away.
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