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Your brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features. They let you to rapidly and efficiently stop the forward momentum of your automobile or truck, guaranteeing that no matter where you drive, you can stop at traffic signals and round bends with ease, all without ramming into the vehicle in front of you. When your brakes fail, though, a risky scenario is unavoidable.

Common braking issues and warning signs:

There are a number of indications that can alert you that something is wrong with your brakes, including:

  • Brake Pedal is Spongy
  • Shaky Steering Column
  • Grinding of Metal When Stopping 
  •  Squealing or Squeaking Sounds
  • Vehicle Pulling to the Right or Left When Stopping
  • Wobble or Rattle While Traveling at Highway Speeds

Brake difficulties are often caused by worn brake pads or rotors. When you come to a complete stop, your brake pads provide friction to assist in slowing your car, while your rotors dissipate heat to keep your brakes from overheating. Both parts are required for brakes to operate properly. Fortunately, we can repair any of these components if they are damaged.

You may possibly be having braking issues as a result of low brake fluid. This fluid is in charge of amplifying the force you provide to your braking system by pressing the pedal, causing your car to slow or stop. It also prevents corrosion of the inside metal components of your brakes.

How We Can Assist?

As your automobile care partners, we service your brakes as fully as possible, doing a comprehensive check before detecting and correcting the issue.

When we examine your brakes, we look for the following:
  • Caliper
  • Wear of the Rotor
  • Braking Hardware
  • Brake Pad Thickness
  • Level/Condition of Hydraulic & Brake Fluids
  • Brake hoses–these wear out quickly and must be examined for wear and tear on a regular basis. 

When we service your car, we always present you with an upfront description of everything that needs to be addressed, including a breakdown of materials and labor costs. Your car repairs are always at your discretion, and we will never undertake anything without your express permission.

Preventative Maintenance and Driving Habits

Regular maintenance and driving practices will help you prolong the life of your brakes, including pads and rotors. Replace your brake fluid as advised by the manufacturer of your vehicle and repair your brakes as soon as you notice any symptoms. Reduce wear and tear on your car by avoiding stop-and-go traffic and limiting your vehicle’s load.

Why Should You Use Heights Autohaus?

We are committed to changing the way you think about auto repair and servicing. Our objective is to constantly go above and beyond what you expect from an automobile shop via our dedication to the community and treating all of our customers like family.

Our commitment to community and our customers involves the following:
  • Technicians with the Latest Certifications
  • Complimentary Shuttle Service (5-Mile Shop Radius)
  • Industry-Leading Warranty: 3yr/36,000miles, Whichever Comes First
  • Complimentary Courtesy Inspection
  • WIFI and Beverages in a Clean/Safe Lobby

Our cooperation, however, is the most crucial value we provide to our consumers. We handle every vehicle we come across as if it were our own, and we genuinely become your partner in automotive maintenance. Our clients are kept up to date on the repair process at all times, thanks to our Service Team’s detailed and honest explanations. Furthermore, we will never do anything to your car without your permission, and we will never offer unneeded servicing or repairs.

Would you like to schedule a brake service? As always, we are here for you. Call Heights Autohaus Now!
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