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If you’ve ever had air conditioning problems in your vehicle or truck, you know how unpleasant driving can be, particularly during the summer. There’s a reason if you crank your air conditioner up and it still doesn’t provide respite from the heat. Don’t just drive with the windows down, sweating from the heat and humidity. We specialize in automobile air conditioning repair and we can help you get back to traveling comfortably. 

Common Vehicle Air Conditioning Issues 

Several factors might cause your air conditioner to break down or stop working as effectively as it once did. These are some of them: 

  • A Broken Belt
  • AC System Leaks
  • Issues with the Clutch
  • Too Low or High Refrigerant Levels
  • Cross-Contaminated Refrigerant
  • Compressor Damage
  • Filters with Moisture & Debris
  • A Malfunctioning AC Control Head
  • Pressure Switches that are Non-Responsive
  • A Condenser that is Leaking and/or Clogged

Low refrigerant levels are often the cause of poor AC quality. However, we will evaluate your complete AC system to see whether the low refrigerant is the only problem and if so, we will provide cost-effective alternatives. 

We do not advocate trying to “recharge” your air conditioner with a store-bought DIY can. You may irreparably damage your AC system if you add refrigerant unnecessarily or improperly. 

When your air conditioner is suffering or ready to break, it will generally give you a warning. 

Typical vehicle AC warning signs: 
  • SOUND: Your air conditioner might be failing if it produces odd sounds via the vents or beneath the hood
  • SMELL: It might be more than the lost fries under your seat or moldy workout clothes in the rear seat if your car has developed an unidentified stench. Bacteria may have built-up in your evaporator. 
  • TOUCH: If your air conditioner is blowing uneven temps, you may have a compressor issue. 

At Heights Autohaus, we use cutting-edge diagnostic technology to pinpoint the source of your air conditioning difficulties and provide you with honest and upfront answers. We are your trusted automotive care partner. Should you find your AC blowing hot, bring it on in and have us check to see if the refrigerant levels are low, we will make sure you leave with a cold blowing system. Houston is mercilessly hot in the Summer months, no matter what year, make or model, we will get you comfortable again!

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